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Verification is a MUST!

Police departments across North America are starting to demand that emergencies be Verified.
The following is an excerpt from The Toronto Police Service Web Site:

“The policy of the Toronto Police Service requires that all alarm signals, including Hold-up and Panic, be verified before a request to dispatch is forwarded to us from the monitoring station. A verified call will be dispatched to the first available unit at a very high priority level. A non-verified request will be processed at a much lower level which could result in a minimum delay of thirty (30) minutes before a dispatch is made.”

Video Verification, such as that available with the Cerberus and other SecurityLine products, is the BEST option for break-in verification!



May 15, 2006 - SecurityLine Introduces Cerberus: The Simple Standalone Video Security System
Feb 23, 2006 - SecurityLine Introduces the Basic Edition: Video Add-on to any alarm system.
Jan 18, 2006 - Tsunami Solutions Introduces SecurityLine: The best option in home & Office Security




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