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Feb 23, 2006

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Tsunami Introduces SecurityLine Basic – Video Add-On for Existing Security Systems

Vancouver, Feb 23rd 2006 – Tsunami Solutions is pleased to introduce SecurityLine Basic, Video Add-On for existing Security Systems.

When your Security Alarm at your office, home, or second home is triggered your Monitoring Service calls you to tell you. Typically you have a choice of calling the police or attending the location yourself to determine if the alarm is real or false. If you send police you risk fines and may waste the public’s emergency resources. If you attend yourself you may risk your personal safety.

SecurityLine Basic is an Internet Video based Verification system that allows you to instantly verify an Alarm condition from a computer or wireless PDA from anywhere (see live video on your home/office computer). SecurityLine also records video events that occur after the Alarm is triggered so that you have a video record for police and/or insurance purposes. Quicker Verification results in quicker response and a better chance of stopping a crime in progress.

The beauty of SecurityLine is that, with the SecurityLine Alarm Panel Interface Module, SecurityLine can be connected to any conventional alarm system in a non-intrusive manner and can be setup in just a few minutes.

“In some jurisdictions as many as 90% of Alarms are determined to be False. Is it realistic to believe that Police will give your non-Verified break-in top priority?” says Thomas Touhey, President of Tsunami Solutions. “When Police are notified of a Verified, In-Progress emergency, they WILL respond!”

SecurityLine provides the missing piece to a complete home/office security solution: VERIFICATION.

To find out how SecurityLine Basic can make your security system more effective, visit us at www.SecurityLine.ca or call (604) 299-5855.

About Tsunami Solutions Ltd.

Tsunami Solutions Ltd. provides computer automated solutions for monitoring the Safety and Security of Canadians through our SafetyLine and SecurityLine product offerings. Tsunami monitors thousands of people and companies across Canada on a daily basis and is the leading supplier of automated Lone Worker Monitoring services in Canada.

Our clients include Terasen Gas & Pipelines, Enmax, BC Oil & Gas Commission, City of New Westminster, Atco Pipelines, Power & Midstream, Ontario Ministry of Environment, Husky, Bonavista Petroleum, Environment Canada, BC Ministry of Land, Water & Air Protection, BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, City of Winnipeg, City of Vancouver, Conoco, Imperial Oil Pipelines, APF Energy, Thunder Energy, NAL Oil & Gas, Canfor, Komex International, Marquise Facilities Corp., Town of Chetwynd, Town of Cochrane, BC Ministry of Mines, Energy & Resources, Haldimand County, Encana Corp., All West Surveys, Corps of Commissionaires, Talisman, Harvest Energy, FortisAlberta and Hydro One to name a few.

To find out how SecurityLine, SafetyLine, and Tsunami Solutions can help solve your Security and Working Alone problems, visit us at www.TsunamiSolutionsLtd.com, www.SecurityLine.ca, or www.SafetyLine.ca or Contact : Tsunami Solutions Ltd. Office 604-299-5855, Email: info@SafetyLine.ca or info@SecurityLine.ca

For more information of Tsunami Solutions and SafetyLine visit www.TsunamiSolutionsLtd.com  . To find out how SecurityLine can solve your property security monitoring problems, visit www.SecurityLine.ca or contact us at 604-299-5855 or info@SecurityLine.ca .



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