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 Do I need to cancel my service with another company to use Cerberus?

   Cerberus is a total and complete security system by itself. If you do wish to integrate the same video verification technology with an existing security alarm monitoring service, ask your local alarm installer about the other SecurityLine products.

 Do I need to already have a monitored system to use Cerberus?

   No. Cerberus is a complete self-contained standalone video security notification system.

Who is Cerberus best suited for?

    You! Cerberus was originally designed for smaller homes and offices, but with extra cameras, is totally expandable to any size location. 

What are the other systems missing?

 ACTION! The focus of Cerberus is to allow you to quickly view, verify and respond to any break-in emergencies so that action can be taken and the event can be stopped by authorities before it is finished. The other systems take too long for action to occur, even if at all.

Can I get a discount on my insurance when I install a security system?

    Most insurance agents will give significant reductions in insurance for properties with modern security systems. The added bonus of video verification can increase your discounts even more.

What happens if I accidentally set off my Cerberus?

    The beauty of Cerberus is that the video verification technology allows you to verify that any emergency is a real emergency or simply to dismiss it as a false alarm. No extra false alarm fees!

Do I need to know anything about computers to use Cerberus?

    If you can navigate any website (like this one that you are currently viewing), then you have the skills needed for Cerberus. You do not even need any special applications or software programs for your computer.

Does Cerberus have any down-time?

    Cerberus is there to secure your property 24hr/day, every day of the year!

Is Cerberus confusing to use?

    Not at all! Simplicity is the hallmark of Cerberus. It works via a WEB application and is as easy to use as this website. The entire system has quick and easy-to-follow instructions throughout every process.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

    It is common-place in this industry to sign a 4-year contract. We are so confident that you will love the Cerberus system and will stay with us that we don't confine you to any long-term contracts.

Can I have multiple break-in triggers with Cerberus?

 Yes. For better video coverage in multiple areas, you can upgrade your system by adding more camera's (each more 1 or more triggers) to your Cerberus.
 If you already have a bunch of triggers wired in to your home, look in to the full
SecurityLine system. You might find that you can get the security of all of your existing triggers at the same price.

What if my old alarm panel/system was removed? I still want the same amount of triggers in my property.

 No problem. You can purchase and install one of 2 options:
    -Cerberus system with multiple cameras:
            - full notification and video of any triggers in multiple areas.
Security-Line system with alarm panel and kit:
            - full notification of any alarm triggers in multiple areas plus a new
              alarm panel and hardware.

Can I access video files after-the-fact (for prosecution or my insurance claims, for example)?

    Log on to your Cerberus to access video files at any time (videos stay on the server for a minimum of 3 months) You can even save your files to disk. Videos are in mpeg-4 format and can be viewed on any computer and many mobile devices.
    With the optional
DVR, all events will be recorded and available on your demand.

Do I miss out on any of the benefits of a conventional security system?

No. Cerberus adds Video Verification while retaining all standard security system functions and benefits.

If I get Cerberus, is my current security hardware useless?

    Cerberus is a standalone system and is independent of your existing hardware.
 If you do want to add-on to your existing hardware, try the
SecurityLine system. All of your current useful security hardware (ie. motion sensors, contact sensors, vibration sensors, panel, sirens, etc...) can all be easily integrated to work with the SecurityLine system at the time of installation. In the case of a very outdated system, a new controller board (approximately $60) may be required. 

Do I need an existing security panel?

    NO! If you don't have an existing system, Cerberus works great as a standalone system for all of your security needs.

Can I install Cerberus myself?

    Absolutely. It is as easy as plugging in the devices and setting up your contacts and personal information

I have a small professional office in a building. Why would I need Cerberus?

    Cerberus is ideal for the professional offices in a building as it is simple to install and very portable. Building security may or may not be adequate to stop people from entering the building. However, once in the building there is no protection for your own office space.

What happens if I am away and can't be reached in an emergency?

    You can list any number of contacts for Cerberus to contact. You specify the phone number(s) that each user can be contacted and the order in which they should be contacted. If you are away, it is a simple matter, through the WEB page, to change order, contact names, etc. to ensure that someone is always available. You could also take advantage of the SecurityLine Guard Response service, if available in your area.

Do I need any special equipment to use Cerberus?

    Cerberus can be access through a wide range of interfaces including keypads, keyfobs, cellphones, satellite phones, wired phones, Internet connected computers, wireless computers, PDAs, Blackberry pagers, etc.  This means that you don't need to learn any new devices to access Cerberus.
    Because of the amount of video information that is being transferred, a broadband (highspeed) internet connection is required at the Cerberus site.

Why can't I just let my conventional security system call the police?

    In many municipalities, laws have changed such that for a conventional security monitoring service to contact the police, they must first make contact with the property owner and gain permission to do so. Cerberus cuts out the middle-man and speeds up this process.

Why do I care about false alarms?

    In nearly all municipalities bylaws exist where owners will be fined for false alarms. While the financial penalties may hurt, the most important reason is that police resources are being misused. When police are responding to false alarms, they are not available for other more important duties.

Can I add on to my Cerberus hardware later?

    Yes. Cerberus is flexible and expandable. Cameras can be added at any time. Digital Video Recorders may also be added. Cerberus uses a building block approach so that all existing equipment may be reused.

What happens if a burglar disables my camera?

    You don't need to worry. With conventional systems, if a burglar can disable the alarm panel during the "entry delay" period then the entire alarm system is disabled - With Cerberus, the system is proactive so that once an initial trigger is sent, the system will still function as normal even with a disabled panel.
    Chances are that you will even get a video of the burglar doing the disabling!

What is video verification and why do I need it?

    Click to see information on video verification.

Am I going to lose my privacy with video security?

No. Access to the cameras are protected by passwords. If using the SecurityLine Guard Response service, monitors are restricted from viewing cameras until the customer is in the EMERGENCY state. Only you have access to you real-time video viewing.

Why does Cerberus use the Internet?

    Video data files are very large and require a robust communications link to quickly and effectively upload to the SecurityLine Server. Conventional telephone links do not have the capacity required by Cerberus.

    With the Internet-based system, Cerberus is also able to function from any remote location and from a whole variety of different devices.


If you have any more questions, please email info@myCerberus.com and we will be happy to provide a prompt answer.




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