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Jan 18, 2006

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SecurityLine, the affordable Video Security System by Tsunami Solutions Ltd.

Vancouver, BC, January 18th 2006 –--“Seeing is believing!” After nearly two years of field trials, Tsunami Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce the availability of the SecurityLine Home/Office Security Alarm Monitoring System featuring Video Verification. The goal of the SecurityLine system is to provide a simple, affordable solution to monitoring homes and/or businesses that “really works”! When we say “really works” we mean that by using Remote Real-Time Video Verification SecurityLine completely eliminates false alarms and promotes faster response time.

Municipalities across North America are constantly implementing false alarm reduction programs to combat false alarm rates as high as 90%. Use of the real-time Video Verification technology results in the total elimination of all false alarms. The problem to date with Video Verification has been the high cost of implementation.

SecurityLine technology has broken the cost barrier by providing a system with Video Verification for as little as $425 for capital equipment and a monthly service rate of $35 per secured site (the same price as a conventional monitoring service without video verification).

SecurityLine is available as a Standalone product or as an add-on to an existing conventional alarm system.

The Standalone configuration is ideal for small offices, apartments, houses, and second homes as it can be easily self-installed by the customer in as little a 15 minutes and may be quickly relocated when required.

For customers with existing conventional alarm systems, SecurityLine Video Verification can typically be added by having a Certified Alarm Specialist reprogram the existing panel to interconnect with the SecurityLine camera(s) and system. SecurityLine then replaces the exiting monitoring service at no additional cost. 

“When I went shopping for an Alarm System for my own office I was dismayed to discover that conventional monitoring technology didn’t make the grade,” says Thomas Touhey, President of Tsunami Solutions. “As many as 90% of all alarms attended by police may be false alarms! Who can blame police for responding slowly? Police indicated that they would respond quickly to VERIFIED alarms so I built my own alarm system that supported remote Video Verification. The system that protects my own home and office is now available to everyone.”

To find out more about SecurityLine and how it will solve your security alarm problems, visit us at our website: www.SecurityLine.ca

Finally, there is a fast and effective security alarm system that really works!

About Tsunami Solutions and SecurityLine:

Tsunami Solutions Ltd. is the leading supplier of automated Lone Worker Monitoring Services across Canada. The SafetyLine automated Lone Worker Monitoring service uses telephony, internet, GPS and Man Down technologies to provide the most reliable and affordable 24/7/365 solution for companies and government organizations to meet both the regulatory and moral obligations of protecting employees who work or travel alone.

SafetyLine is currently monitoring thousands of employees across Canada each and every day to protect their safety when traveling, or working alone or in isolation. Many organizations are discovering the SafetyLine Safety Monitoring Service which has proven itself to be the best solution as it is both more reliable and less costly than alternative solutions.

The SecurityLine Home/Office Building Security System, featuring Video Verification, uses the field proven SafetyLine system as a base and has added the unique functions specific to property monitoring. A monitoring service that protects the Safety of humans has the proven credentials to allow you to trust us to protect your property.

Our clients include Terasen Gas, Utilities & Pipelines, Enmax, BC Oil & Gas Commission, City of New Westminster, Atco Pipelines, Power & Midstream, Ontario Ministry of Environment, Bonavista Petroleum, Environment Canada, BC Ministry of Land, Water & Air Protection, BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, City of Winnipeg, City of Vancouver, Conoco, Imperial Oil Pipelines, NAL Oil & Gas, Canfor, Komex International, Town of Chetwynd, Town of Cochrane, BC Ministry of Mines, Energy & Resources, Encana Corp., All West Surveys, Corps of Commissionaires, Talisman, Harvest Energy, FortisAlberta, BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Hydro One, to name a few.

For more information of Tsunami Solutions and SafetyLine visit www.TsunamiSolutionsLtd.com  . To find out how SecurityLine can solve your property security monitoring problems, visit www.SecurityLine.ca or contact us at 604-299-5855 or info@SecurityLine.ca .



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