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The myCerberus system is an easy self-contained video security notification system. Now you can get big-building-type technology and security in a simple system, all for the same price as regular home security.

SecurityLine is proud to announce our newest innovation in video security - the simple and easy myCerberus: Complete Standalone Video Security System.

With "Do-It-Yourself" Installation and configuration, myCerberus is the whole solution to your home security needs.




 The Cerberus Hardware Package includes a high-quality wireless video camera with alarm kit and appropriate mounting hardware & power supplies. The Alarm Kit includes the wireless base unit and keypad (with internal siren), wireless motion detector, two wireless contact sensors, and a remote keyfob.

 Set up the components in your home anywhere that you like. With the Cerberus Camera's amazing technology, just plug in the camera once for easy step-by-step configuration, and you are ready to go! No complicated routing or changing of network settings needed. Once configured, the camera can be used wirelessly. When you log on to the system for the first time, you can set up all of your personal information.

 With myCerberus, you can add on as many cameras and sensors as you like without any hassle. They will all work together as part of your one system. The best yet is that your system can evolve with you. Add on as your security needs change. If you ever need to move your camera, even if you move homes, the system goes with you keeps on working without any changes.

 With the included wireless alarm panel kit, the myCerberus system provides not only the most advanced, complete and simple Notification and Verification on the market, but also a full detection system.

Optional extra hardware:
   - additional Cerberus Camera(s).
   - additional wireless PIR motion detectors.
   - additional wireless door/window sensors.
   - additional remote keyfobs.
   - additional control panels.
   - Secondary Audio Sirens.
   - Audio alarm sensors (for smoke detectors, etc..)
   - flood sensors.
   - Secondary keypads.
   - Magnetic switches.
   - Silent alarms.
   - Temperature monitors.
   - Vibration sensors.
   - Range repeaters.




 When an emergency is detected by a triggering device the signal is passed via the panel to the on-site Cerberus Camera.

 The camera immediately sends the TRIGGER message to the Cerberus Server. Video clips are recorded whenever there is movement in the field of view of the camera. These recordings are sent over the Internet to the Cerberus Server, which records the event and stores the video clips for retrieval by the customer. From the secured Cerberus web application, the customer can view, save and send both these recorded clips, as well as live videos.

 The Cerberus Server starts the notification process by sending an emergency message, via emails, pages, web ‘push’ messages, and voice phone calls to the people and devices on the notification list
(ie. Key holders).

 When a User acknowledges the message, he/she can then view the affected premise in real-time as well as viewing captured video, on any wired or wireless Internet device. This gives the user the ability to confirm that there is a real break-in, or to simply ignore any non-emergencies.
 This is the real difference that
myCerberus technology makes!



 Immediately upon verification, the police can be called with a VERIFIED, IN-PROGRESS Emergency. This kind of verification will ensure that police will respond at high-priority CODE 3 (lights & sirens). Verification of an emergency is the ONLY way to get this kind of response.


 Arming and disarming of the system can be done from the keypad, as with any alarm system, or the included keyfob.

 The system can also be accessed via the simple web application and/or IVR telephone interface from any remote location. That means that you can control your security system from anywhere!



$19.95 to $29.95 /month



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