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 Welcome to the best new option in Home and Office Security:
Cerberus Security Systems with Video Verification Technology.


to see a sample snapshot of a
Cerberus camera remote image.





The Facts:

 Recent changes to Police policy with regards to "Alarm Response" have made existing Alarm Monitoring Services obsolete.

Police are increasing priority response for Verified Emergencies, while lowering priority for Monitoring Service reported break-ins (non-verified).

To ensure priority police response, you must have a Verified emergency.

Cerberus Video Verification is a  complete system to meet the new Response policies.



A Cerberus premium service package will cost the same per month as a non-verification monitoring service.


- Faster notification to owner.
- Faster response time.
- No more false alarms!

- Easy to use.
- Customized to your hardware 
   devices and your preferences.
- Same codes and interfaces as
   your old system.
- Easy to switch to SecurityLine.

- Perfect for small businesses and homes.
- Compatible with most
   communication devices.
- Add video verification to your
   current hardware.
- Use it from anywhere.

- Provides all standard functions of
   conventional security services
   at a comparable price

   Cerberus includes remote Internet
   based video monitoring.
- No long-term contracts to sign.

Video Verification
- The real difference of
   the Cerberus technology.
- Remote Internet-based
   video monitoring.
- High quality digital audio/video
   camera on site.
- Remotely monitor break-in videos
   from anywhere.
- Visually verify each alarm for
   fast and sure police response.
- Keep a video record of any break-ins.




SecurityLine - Cerberus

#202 - 2055 Boundary Road
Vancouver, BC   V5M 3Z1

Phone: 604-299-5855
Fax: 604-648-8158



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